Hobie Fishing Team
Dealer Pro Staff

Ryan Kennedy

Penn Yan New York

I grew up enjoying fishing but it wasn’t until I got my first Hobie in 2012 that I got the bug. I mainly fish for bass but also enjoy trolling for lake trout. I spend a couple of weeks in Florida over the winter and love to get out fishing the flats in saltwater as well. As a dealership owner, my time on the water is centered around early spring and late fall. In season, I work to spread my passion to other anglers. I am always on the lookout for new products and setups. Each year I tweak and rig my new setup showing what is capable. I do a lot of rigging for other local tournament and recreational anglers. I Started Fishing the Kayak-Anglers of CNY and NYKBF trails. I fished the 2018 KBF Nationals. In recent years with the Covid demand, I have found myself doing online tournaments or traveling to spring/fall events like the Ike charity event.

Specialty Retailer