Seth Taylor


Born and raised in PA. After graduating from West Virginia University, I spent the next 10 years traveling the country as an inspector in the oil and gas industry. Throughout that time traveling, I fished tournaments throughout the county in my Nitro and BassCat. That helped me develop a well-round fishing skill set. Over the course of those 10 years, my wife and I starting having kids. We decided to retire from that industry and move to South Florida (Sarasota area). I sold my BassCat boat to help fund the building of our house and have been kayak fishing competitively since then!

The following questions ask me about my current Hobie kayak. I am currently fishing out of a Vanhunks and do not have a Hobie at the moment. I was approached my Mr. Cory Dreyer of Hobie and Mike from Travel Country at the Hobie BOS (Harris Chain) about a potential opportunity.

Specialty Retailer

I will potentially be working with Mike of Travel Country Outfitters (Altamonte Springs, FL).