Steve Neece

For over a decade I have been exploring and fishing the marshes along the Louisiana Coast from my kayak. I started kayak fishing over 14 years ago and discovered a passion for fishing from a Hobie kayak. I have been a member of the Hobie fishing team for 13 years, helping promote Hobie kayaks.
I enjoy working with Massey’s Professional Outfitters (New Orleans) at sportsman show and demo days, sharing my knowledge and passion for kayak fishing with new comers and seasoned anglers a like. From catching inshore species like redfish and trout to offshore targets like cobia to sailfish. I have pursued them all from my kayak.
Being on the water in my kayak is my favorite place to be. I love helping others learn the techniques and tactics to find success kayak fishing. Whether it’s rigging your gear, reading the water to locate fish, I enjoy sharing tips I have learned over the years on the water. The Gulf Coast is a fisherman’s paradise with its varied species, habitats and water conditions. I look forward to helping others discover the joy of kayak fishing the marshes of Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.