Dealer Pro Staff

Tammi Morrisette

Rockport Texas

With no fishing experience other than off the jetties, I started saltwater kayak fishing in 2016 out of a 10′ paddle kayak from Academy but didn’t truly get into the sport until I got my first Hobie Compass in 2017.

Since then, I have continuously improved my skills, have consistently fished tournaments and have moved up in the standings each time. I won the women’s division of the 2020 Fin Addict Angler Foundation Coastal Bend tournament, 4th place in the Couples Yak Fishing Texas Ladies tournament and placed 105th out of 300 anglers at Ride the Bull in Grand Isle Louisiana in 2022.
My goal is to be the saltwater version of my friend Kristine Fischer and continue to promote the sport to women and inspire them to compete at all levels against all anglers!

Specialty Retailer