Theodore Douglas

I am a lifelong fisherman and environmental engineer that fell in love with Hobie kayaks in 2017 thanks to the influence of fellow team members Josh Rayner and Elliot Thomas talking me into trying the Mirage Compass they had for demos and rentals at Three Belles Outfitters. I had been a die hard paddle kayak guy since I was around 12 years old and I had been seeing pedal kayaks around more and more but didn't think they were for me until they talked me into giving them a chance that day and since then I have never looked back. That day they stirred a passion in me that turned into a lifestyle that I truly love to live and to share with others. I was quickly offered a job at TBO and since then it has been my passion and my livelyhood which makes me feel truly blessed as so few people get to go to work everyday doing something they love, and are granted the opportunity to give back and expand the community you were so generously welcomed into by selling people kayak shaped tickets to such an amazing community and lifestyle.
I live in Niantic, a small town in coastal Connecticut, where is split my time between fresh and salt water fishing. Some years I lean more towards the freshwater side of things and I will compete in a number of local kayak fishing competitions such as Slay Nation and other local clubs like Massachusetts Kayak Bassin, and Rhode Island KBF. And I always try to make it to at least a few regional and national level events such as the Hobie BOS, KBF trail events, and Elite Kayak fishing events. And other years I will spend more of my time fishing the saltwater with local friends and kayak fishing groups.
One of my true fishing related passions over the past couple years has been helping out our local Fisheries department in their pursuit to cull invasive carp species out of our major lakes and rivers, which allows me to combine my passions, environmentalism, civic service, and Hobie kayak fishing.