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October 4, 2020

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Coosa River Chain


From: October 3, 2020
To: October 4, 2020

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The Hobie Bass Open Series Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control is a national kayak fishing tournament series that provides a platform for anglers to compete in an elite 2-day event in one of several locations across the USA targeting bass. Anglers fish for large cash payouts, sponsored prizes, Hobie Fishing Worlds spots and angler of the year points which all culminate at the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season where 50 anglers battle it out for large cash payouts! Events are open to any angler aged 16 years or older and all brands of kayaks are welcome. Aside from the competition, each Hobie Bass Open Series event is fun and the comradery between anglers is part of what makes our community great. We encourage you to come out and fish with us and we hope to see YOU on top of the winners podium this year.

Our Season finale lands on the Historic Coosa River Chain out of Gadsden Alabama.  Widely known for the abundance of quality Spotted Bass and the potential for Stud Largemouth as well.  Anglers will be challenged with fall feeding patterns and fluctuating water conditions. This combination of current within these impoundments will test our anglers, but crown a deserving champion.  This will be the final Open event to earn points for the Angler of the Year race. The top 3 non-qualified anglers will punch their ticket to the Tournament of Champions  in Knoxville TN Nov 14-15.

Headquarters: The Friday night drive- thru check-in will be held at The Venue at Coosa Landing.  201 George Wallace Dr, Gadsden, AL 35903

Sunday award location will be announced at the event.

Hobie BOS uses Metal Ketch Board Only.

All event times are CST

Sept 12- Anglers are no longer allowed to hire OR communicate with guides on this fishery or about this fishery.

Sept 28th- Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must be using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

Oct 1st- Registration ends at Midnight

Oct 2nd-

4pm CST Practice ends

4-6pm Drive thru Check-in/ board check/ ID distribution

7ish- FB Live meeting will begin

Oct 3rd-

545am CST – First Launch

615am- First Cast

3pm- Fishing Ends

4pm- Submission Ends

7pm- Facebook Live meeting, recap, ID number announcement

Oct 4th-

545am CST- First Launch

615am- First Cast

3pm- Fishing Ends

4pm- Submission Ends

530- Awards on Facebook Live for Top 10%

Boundaries:  Anglers will be allowed to launch at any public ramp or access on Lake Neely Henry and Lake Weiss.  This includes daily usage pay ramps, marinas, and campgrounds as long as the launch is public.   All connected waters between the 100 Bridge in Coosa GA and the Neely Henry Dam will be considered Tournament waters. Anglers are not allowed to launch or fish above the 100 bridge.  Anglers are not allowed to launch or fish below Neely Henry dam. The Dam on Terrapin Creek is considered a boundary, you can not launch above the dam.  There is no legal launch on Terrapin Creek for this event.  Anglers MUST launch and fish below the first shoal on any tributary. Portaging is not allowed.


Hobie BOS – Coosa River Chain Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control
The final open event of the 2020 season has now ended in the typical river fishing tournament fashion; 2″ leaderboard shifts in the top 9. You are hard pressed to find a more challenging tournament style of fishing than catch, photo, release and add the kayak. And now with the last of the qualified Hobie BOS Open competitors, we now only have the Shootout the day before the Tournament of Champions.
The Bassin Magazine Big Bass award goes to Eric Siddiqi who landed a tank 22.00″ bass on the day one of the tournament and was his first submitted catch. He takes home $348 in cash. Fantastic catch on the Coosa Eric!
The first angler to receive our invitation is Coley McGowan who was a favorite coming into this event. He takes 1st place with a two day total of 181.00″. In a great show of consistency he landed his day two limit with a total of 93.50″. He takes home $5,100 in cash and entry into the Tournament of Champions. Congratulations Coley! We are excited to see you in November in Tennessee.
In 2nd place, is Joshua Sharp who came all the way up from 15th place with the largest limit of the tournament measuring 98.50″. Incredibly, his average fish over day two was 19.70″! He earns his ticket to the Tournament of Champions and valuable Angler of the Year points.
The last to receive an invitation in 3rd place is Lance Coley. Only .5″ separated Coley and Sharp! Lance’s two day limit totaled 179.00″. He ended day 1 and day 2 in 4th place. That consistency landed him cash and the final invitation of the open season for the Tournament of Champions.
We are thankful for all our anglers who fished in the 2020 season with us! With your support we have paid out cash back directly to the field. Check out the payouts to our top 9 anglers in this tournament:
Top 9:
1st Coley McGowan – $5,100
2nd Joshua Sharp – $2,750
3rd Lance Coley – $1,600
4th Drew Gregory – $1,350
5th Jordan Marshall – $1,250
6th Nick Matthews- $1,150
7th Frank “Twiggy” Reed – $1,050
8th Clint Henderson – $950
9th Jason Broach – $900
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AnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5Fish 6Fish 7Fish 8Fish 9Fish 10TOTAL
Coley McGowanAL201817.2516.2516201918.751817.75181
Joshua SharpTN18.7517.7515.7514.751420.7520.519.751918.5179.5
Lance ColeyAL19.25181816.51619.7518.2518.251817179
Drew GregoryOH20.517.517.2516.251619181817.517.25177.25
Jordan MarshallTN20.2520.2519.7516.515.518.2515.251514.7514.25169.75
Nick MatthewsIN18.515.251514.513.2521.2519.517.517.2516.25168.25
TWIGGY .AL16.2515.7514.7514.2513.751918.7517.251716.25163
Clint HendersonGA18.7516.515.7515.515.2518.7518.515.514.2512.25161
Jason BroachSC16.751514.251413.2519.7518.51716.2515.75160.5
Jake HarshmanPA181716.2516.251416.751615.7515.2515.25160.5
Mel AsheMO18.515.751514.7513.517.251716.516.515159.75
Eric SiddiqiOH2217.7517.2516.7515.2517.2515.51312.512159.25
Jim OrrIN1716.2516.2515.514.7519.515.7515.514.7514159.25
Joey Randall17.516.2514.7514.75141817.51615.7514.25158.75
Kristine FischerNE20.251615.514.7514.7521.2514.7514.2513.513.5158.5
Michael Kervaski1917161615.2516.515.515.514.2512.75157.75
Guillermo GonzalezTX1815.513.7513.2513.251916.7516.2516.2515.5157.5
Brian CoyneOH2018.2517.251716.751613.7512.7512.7512.5157
Joseph SandersonTX1815.7514.7514.75142115.515.513.7513.5156.5
Kenny JableckiTN18.7516.251514.2513.751917.251513.513.25156
Vincent Ferreri CommishSC1917.2515.7515.7515.516.2515.751413.512.25155
Jay WallenKY17.517.2514141418.2515.51513.513.5152.5
Ron ChampionGA1614.7514.514.251418.2515.7514.7514.514.5151.25
Francis TranMS19.7517.2516.2515.7515.51413.2513.251312.25150.25
Roy GrubbAR1716.2514.513.751217.516.516.513.7512149.75
R.J. HooverMI18.517.51514.751414.2513.7513.513.513147.75
Rick HaxtonNE16.7515.514.513.251316.7515.7514.7513.2512.75146.25
Dylan LoweryGA1514.751413.2512.751915.751513.512.25145.25
Tracy Stanford15.251312.7512.512.520.75161513.7513.5145
Travis DockinsGA17.7517.251716161815.513.7513144.25
Brady StorrsNE1514.7513.7513.7513161513.51313140.75
Andy MiddletonGA1916.7512.519.518.517.514.2513.5131.5
Jamie DenisonTN14.751413.512.51614.514.251414127.5
Chuck WiseAL14.751413.512.7516.514.51413.2513.25126.5
Will ClementsGA1814.251312.518.7515.7513.512.5118.25
Clayton ShillingLA17.7512.7520.2519161615.5117.25
Jim WareGA14.251312.251220.2517.251413.25116.25
Mark DavisAL1615.7514.2512.512.2515.7514.513.25114.25
Brandon Lindsey1715.513.7513.2512.514.51412.75113.25
Sean RastanisLA19.517.2516.7515.5141413.75110.75
Wayne LobbLA16.251613.512.513.7512.7512.512.25109.5
TOBY KLEFFMANIN18.2515.514.7513.2512.514.2514102.5
Nick HuddlestonNC19.2516.2514.251420.251599
Cole KleffmanIN13.25121714.2514.25141397.75
Katherine FieldUT14.7514.2513.7513.2512.75131293.75
Ian Gileski18141417.2514.512.2590
Jaxton OrrIN15.2514.513.5131412.7583
Jason IsaacsOH15.2514.512.7512.7512.512.2580
Justin PatrickTN16.516.2516.2514.514.7578.25
Brian NelliFL16.7513.7513.2512.7515.2571.75
Shawn FieldsGA14.25131316.512.2569
Shane YoungAL18.2514.7513.7512.559.25
Jared KutilSC18.7515.512.512.2559
Larry WoodSC15.2515.2514.7513.2558.5
Randy CollinsKY16.51413.2512.2556
Jonathon Carter18.7518.751249.5
Brandon Hewlett18.7515.514.2548.5
Christopher MilesIL1316.51544.5
Daniel PerryAL16.2514.751344
Chris PadgettGA14.51612.2542.75
Dean TurnerLA15.5141241.5
David BestTN14.2512.251238.5
Mitchell WhiteGA19.751534.75
Jesse HalversonAL20.751232.75
Sean Johnson18.2514.2532.5
Shane WilliamsFL16.7515.2532
Lowell BrannanSC1812.530.5
Heath JarrettGA15.2514.529.75
Josh StewartTN15.513.7529.25
Nick DyerAL15.7512.7528.5
David KittrellAL1512.2527.25
Kurt SmitsOH13.751225.75
Cathy PaulyMI18.7518.75
Matt BrooksAL18.2518.25
Jason HopperGA16.516.5
Tracy NicholsAL14.7514.75
Joe McElroyAL1414
Aaron WhiteDE13.7513.75
Jeremy HughesNC13.7513.75
Shane Chambliss12.7512.75
Brandon ElrodTN12.7512.75
Chuck BahanLA1212
Josh AdkissonGA0
Jason BarnesGA0
Lou Anne ClappMI0
Michael McCulloughAL0
Dave SewellIN0