March 17, 2022


Here we are! Everything is ready for the CIKF2022

Registration opens on March 1st at 12:00 for a maximum of 50 yakers, registration is all online on our site.

The cost of registration is € 90.00 and includes:
Championship registration, a welcome perit and a dinner, rich race pack offered by the sponsors, official CIKF shirt and AICS event insurance.

The winning formula does not change: a real and serious competition in the water but great friendship and sharing on land. The location this year is the Turano lake, a characteristic place in the middle of the mountains and nature where you can breathe the good air, eat well and fish in peace.

The logistic base of the CIKF2022 is the Hotel Turano  which will host the event, will organize the welcome drink and the Saturday evening dinner, the structure has 12 rooms, a garden with lake view, a restaurant and a internal parking offers customers all the comforts to spend their stay in the best way. The kayaks will be parked on the “terraces” by the lake.

The target species are pike, perch and asp, 6 daily catches can be brought to the measure (2 per species) which are added to the catches of the second day to decree the 2022 Champion. Whoever wins will have shown that he was really good and that he was able to have made quota with all three species for two consecutive days, surely there will be no stroke of luck!


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