June 29, 2021

Campionato Interlaghi Kayak Fishing 2021

Campionato Interlaghi Kayak Fishing 2021 is in the books. Competitors from Italy, Spain and even Germany travelled to Lago di Bolsena to chase the Italian Black Bass during this two day qualifying event for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 10.

The 46 anglers fished in the scorching Italian heat, but despite that, they managed to bring in 170 fish over the 2 competition days. Most anglers stayed around the campsite, Blu International Camping, for the fishing and this proved to be the good spot. Immediately after rounding the buoy anglers started hitting the water with lures, and not without success.

Daniele Cittadini went into the second day defending a 22cm lead over Andrea Cavallini. Beside Black Bass, Pike also was a target species during this event, but catching these was hard, very hard because of the weather. Only three of them made it to the measuring board of the competitors.

After the day of fishing, all anglers freshened up and gathered at the restaurant for the awards ceremony. The judges had finished the scoring and it was a very close call this year.

3rd Place was taken by Andrea Bocchi with 239 cm.2nd Place is Daniele Cittadini (261cm) who couldn’t manage to defend his 22cm lead to the #1 of the CIKF 2021: Andrea Cavallini taking the trophy and qualifying for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 10 with 263cm of Black Bass.

Congratulations to Andrea Cavallini in winning the tournament and we hope to see you at the Hobie Fishing Worlds 10!

A big thanks to Bolsena Yachting and their organizing partners for setting up this amazing event!

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