September 30, 2020

Final Results KAYAKSTORE TOUR Round 4, Lake Bören, Sweden. Sept 25-27 2020

Swedish angler Lars Lundberg won the first edition of the Kayakstore Tour in 2020 qualifying himself for HFW 9! The tour, that had to be modified to the COVID-19 situation in the beginning of the year ended up as a big success. The first two rounds were held digitally. Anglers chose their own waters to fish and registered their catches via TourneyX. After two of these rounds, Lars Lunddberg was leading the board with exactly 500 points, leaving Stian Slora in second place with 480 point.

Rounds 3 and 4 were held physically at Lake Glan and Lake Bören. A close leaderboard and very skilled anglers promised two exciting tournaments, with no rom for errors.

A 4th place in Lake Glan round 3, followed by a 3rd place at Lake Bören was enough for Lars Lundberg to claim the Angler of the year award including the qualification for the Hobie Fishing Worlds 9. 2nd place went to Adam Henriksson (949 point) and 3rd place was for, former European Champion, Albin Falk (916 point).

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