September 11, 2021

HFE2021 -Pre fish day

Whilst the sun is slowly making its way up, anglers are preparing their kayaks to head out and look for the hotspots to attack this weekend. A good bunch of the participants already are out at 7:00 AM and find a flat Haringvliet with almost no wind.

Throughout the morning, the first reports of fish being caught are coming in. All species three species are being found and the one even bigger than the other. This is a promising sight towards the competition days tomorrow and Sunday.

Around noon, the first few anglers return towards Jachthaven Atlantica and as time passes more anglers find their way back to shore to head back to camp and finalize their game plan for HFE2021 Competition day 1. Competitors actively look for potential hotspots, and it is not uncommon that anglers cover a lot of distance. Friedrich Schrober(AT) and Alexander Chovan(SK) went all out. “We covered a lot of distance, about 25km today. Not much time to fish, but at least we covered a lot of ground.”

Catch reports that come in are good. Most anglers found what they were looking for and managed to get in some fish. A promising start

During registration all competing anglers received their goodiebags and tournament jerseys after which the briefing started. This year we’ll be using TourneyX for the scoring and this enables us to provide a live leaderboard throughout the day. Check it out here. Again we want to thank our sponsors for providing the awesome package.

After such a long period without being able to organize events and to get together, how better end this first day than with a tasty BBQ to head to bed well fed before the competition begins. Tomorrow morning, Saturday September 11th, the horn will blow at 7:00 AM! Stay tuned….


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