September 12, 2020 TO

September 13, 2020

Winner Drew Gregory

Event Details


Russellville, AR


From: September 12, 2020
To: September 13, 2020

Event Info

The Hobie Bass Open Series is a national kayak fishing tournament series that provides a platform for anglers to compete in an elite 2-day event in one of several locations across the USA targeting bass. Anglers fish for large cash payouts, sponsored prizes, and Angler of the Year points which all culminate at the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season where 50 anglers battle it out for large cash payouts! Events are open to any angler aged 16 years or older and all brands of kayaks are welcome. Aside from the competition, each Hobie Bass Open Series event is fun and the comradery between anglers is part of what makes our community great. We encourage you to come out and fish with us and we hope to see YOU on top of the winners podium this year.

This stop of the Hobie BOS takes us to the central region of the country and into the Natural State.  The famed section of the Arkansas River is known as Lake Dardanelle and is host to many top professional tournaments each season.  A diverse fishery where current and vegetation will play, anglers will have their work cut out for them as we begin the transition from summer to fall patterns.  Anglers will be competing for a cash payout of 10% of the field, and the top 3 non- qualified anglers will earn their spot in our Tournament of Champions this November in Knoxville, TN.  Many random giveaway prizes will be awarded as well.

Event Headquarters: Hughes Community Center, 1000 E Parkway Dr, Russellville, AR 72801


August 22nd- Anglers are no longer allowed to hire OR communicate with guides on this fishery or about this fishery.

Sept 7th – Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must begin using a tournament approved vessel.  Motors on kayaks are allowed for practice only.

Sept 10th- Registration Ends at midnight.

Sept 11-

4 pm Practice ends

430-630 Drive thru Check-in/ board check/ ID distribution

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting will begin in BOS Group Page

Sept 12th-

6 am- First Launch

630 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

730 pm- Facebook Live meeting and Day 2 ID code announcement

Sept 13th-

6 am- First Launch

630 am- First Cast

3 pm- Fishing Ends

4 pm- Submission Deadline

5 pm- Facebook Live awards with Top 10% @ Lake Dardanelle State Park Fishing stage facility

Event Boundaries:

Physical boundaries:  Anglers Will be able to launch at any public access or ramp above The Dardanelle Lock and dam up to the next Lock and dam on the Arkansas River. The spillway will be the boundary for the Illinois Bayou.

Launch Boundaries: Anglers must Launch inside Hwy 359 on Little Piney Creek and Spring Slough. Anglers must Launch inside I40 in Clarksville.  Anglers must Launch inside Hwy 64 In Slough Creek. Anglers can fish past the launch boundaries, but must Launch and load inside the launch boundaries. 

Hobie BOS uses Metal Ketch Board Only

Please register early so we can communicate with you on any updates and changes for the event as we get closer.


The winners of Hobie BOS – Lake Dardanelle Anchored by Power-Pole Total Boat Control
For the first time we have a tie for 1st place between Drew Gregory and Eric Siddiqi; Hobie BOS rules state that the tie breaker is the largest fish. Drew nabbed two of the largest fish in the tournament including the Bassin Magazine Big Bass of the tournament a 21.00″. What a finale!
Amongst the top spots in 3rd is Jody Queen who has now overtaken the lead in the Angler of the Year race! Only to jump one step of Rus Snyders who ended in 4th. You could not make have a crazier end to the season. There is only one more main event left on the Coosa River and there is so much more on the line.
In 5th place Justin Patrick brought in a 159.25″ two day limit to raise himself up from 7th. Consistency was the name of the name as others fell down the leaderboard, Justin stuck to the fish that gave him a coveted spot at the Tournament of Champions.
Top 12
Drew Gregory -1st. $6400
Eric Siddiqi – 2nd. $3300, TOC Qualification
Jody Queen – 3rd. $1800
Rus Synders – 4th. $1500
Justin Patrick – 5th. $1250, TOC Qualification
Garrett Morgan – 6th. $1150, TOC Qualification
Steve Lessard – 7th. $1075
Joshua Sharp – 8th. $1000
Guillermo Gonzalez – 9th. $925
Ron Champion – 10. $850
Brandon Prince – 11. $775
Corey Hopper – 12. $700
Congratulations to all of the competitors and thank you very much for participating! You have conquered Lake Dardanelle which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. And it is holding some high quality bass. We hope to see you at the Coosa River October 3-4.
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RankTXIDAnglerStateFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5Fish 6Fish 7Fish 8Fish 9Fish 10TOTAL
14078Drew GregoryOH2118.251615.51520.518.7515.515.515171
2935Eric SiddiqiOH19.516.7516.7516.51519.751916.515.7515.5171
31348Jody QueenWV2017.2516.7516.2515.7517.251715.7515.515.25166.75
46370Rus SnydersTN18.7517.2517.2517161615.7515.7514.514.25162.5
55217Justin PatrickTN18.516.5161615.751915.5141414159.25
610265Garrett MorganAR16.7516.516.251514.7519.251814.51413.25158.25
742557Steve Lessard16.516.51615.7515.7516.7516.514.7514.514.5157.5
84082Joshua SharpTN17.251616141317.251715.51514.5155.5
92223Guillermo GonzalezTX1615.514.2512.512.2520.251715.51515153.25
10181Ron ChampionGA17.251615.251514.7519.514.514.2513.2512.75152.5
1112977Brandon PrinceMO16.251615.51513.7517.515.751412.7512.5149
123480Corey HopperAR16.7515.514.7513.251316.51615.51312.25146.5
13144Derrick BosticTN17.2514.2513.251312.7515.5151514.2514144.25
1430774Rick HaxtonNE16.7514.2513.751312.7517.7515.51413.2512.75143.75
153712Michael LawhonWV161613.512.251817.2517.2516.516142.75
168762Jerry AycockAR16.515.51514.513.2515.251413.251312142.25
171057Kevin WorkmanNE171615.515.514.751716.7515.513141
186400Jaxton OrrIN15.2514.7513.751312.517.7515.5131312.25140.75
195112Brady StorrsNE1915.75151514.2517.2515.7514.2513.25139.5
2024246Francis TranMS1615.7515.7515.7515.516.515.2514.514.5139.5
211405Matthew ScotchTX1715.7514.7513.751320.2517.513.513.25138.75
2248026Hernán CortezWI2017.2516.512.7517.75141312.7512.75136.75
2314224Avery MetcalfOK1715.514.512.517.251614.7514.7514.5136.75
243577Tim IsaacsWV15.2514.5141320.7516.2514.513.7513.25135.25
2524798Ben HuffmanTX18.7517.7516.7516.251620.251514.5135.25
26216Jordan MarshallTN15.7515.2514.7514.751416.7515.751412133
2733781Jason IsaacsOH15.251413.2512.7512.2515.251312.2512.2512132.25
28905Richie McMichaelKS15.75151514.251416.2514.7513.7512.25131
296982David RoberdsAR14.7513.7513.2512.7512.751412.512.512.2512130.5
304099Luke AryanOK17.2516.251615.51514.7514.512121.25
3114004Jason RayOK1512.251217.251716.7515.515.25121
322360Jeff MalottAR18.5141315.2514.2514.251414117.25
333517Chris JonesAR181614.7514.2513.2514.51412.25117
344137Arlie MintonNC17.516.2514.7514.514.514.51312117
3523779Wayne LobbLA16.2513.7512.7517.2514.51413.7513.75116
3624211Bryan HowellTX19.517.2516.751514.2516.7515.25114.75
37161Jay WallenKY17.2515.513.2512.7512.514.7513.7513.75113.5
383582Brian CoyneOH16.251413.7512.512.2515.2514.7513.5112.25
392716Adam RiserTN1915.7515.514.51414.514.25107.5
401712Christa HibbsAR1715.751312.2515.7515.514103.25
417093John WoffordAR13.7513.2513.2512.512.252012.7597.75
4223618Roy GrubbAR15.2514.7514.5141313.751297.25
4317679Troy EnkeMO17.516.751614.7512.2514.7592
441574Jason AdamsAR19.2514.251413.7513.513.2588
454494Kenny JableckiTN18.2515.2513.7512.251512.7587.25
461814Dwain BateyAR15.2514.514.513.5131686.75
4713679Nathan GreenVA16.514.251413.7513.751486.25
481289Mike MooneyGA15.7515.7514.251413.51386.25
4937850Phannoureth Phomsopha14.513.2515.751513.2512.7584.5
503998James FosterTN14131313171282
515222Kristine FischerNE141713.2512.7512.251281.25
524944Will ClementsGA14.7514.512.7512.7513.51280.25
5314448Billy BowdenAR18.2517.2516.751413.579.75
546369Jim OrrIN13.514.513.2512.512.251278
551844Duc TranTX191714.514.512.577.5
5624741Dave SewellIN16.7516.7513.2513.2516.2576.25
575248Troy NydeggerKS17.7512.75171612.576
581694Johnny MaddoxAR17.516.514.51413.576
598600Doug WatsonAR1817.251512.7512.7575.75
6017461David ByrdOK13.7520131312.7572.5
61138Jim ClarkAL2117.2514.7514.7567.75
6234551Chuck BahanLA1715.5141460.5
63150Mel AsheMO18.515.2512.513.559.75
643032Kyle CunninghamAR14.2513.7513.517.7559.25
6523336Joe DouglasKS13.51316.751255.25
6635543Ian Gileski17.2516.251548.5
6715320Pat LassekNE1716.513.547
6826965Anthony Castleman1416.7514.7545.5
6934160Jonathan Shadell1614.51444.5
7011530Bill CampbellAR16.2513.751343
7131574Brian DelahuntyKY13.7513.515.2542.5
722201Kurt SmitsOH16.513.2512.542.25
734881Larry WhisnantAR1514.512.7542.25
745095R.J. HooverMI14.751413.542.25
753863Jeff HerOK15.2514.2512.2541.75
763848Chris HartmanAR1513.51341.5
7735379Danny BrowerKS13.51413.541
787688David CruzKS1413.513.2540.75
79289Quinton EcholsOH14.51312.540
804937Keith FreeseTN12.513.251338.75
8124721Charles HoskynAR12.7512.51237.25
8243126Brady ShortKS15.514.7530.25
8333142Brandon CarpenterOH1613.529.5
8420200Michael MartinezTX15.2513.528.75
8517174Hiep NguyenKS13.7514.528.25
8621045Mark SpringerMO1512.7527.75
871810Caroline HibbsAR14.251327.25
8827445Cody HuffmanMO1413.2527.25
8910440Richard MellardKS1412.7526.75
9023792Katherine FieldUT14.251226.25
9122443Kalon JohnsonLA13.751225.75
925169Jeriamy VannAR13.51225.5
9333780Terrik WalkerOH12.2512.2524.5
9417441William Nelson16.7516.75
954895Andrew GreenLA1616
9634434Sean RastanisLA1515
975366Brad UhlOK1515
9838494Christopher MilesIL1515
998593Rob KempfKS14.514.5
10023546Katie BackaTX14.514.5
10135735Jonathon Carter14.2514.25
1022421Tyler ZengerleAR1414
10310254Ryan BackaTX13.2513.25
10424831Brandon ThibodauxLA12.512.5
10535568Daniel Dillon1212
1065584Tory BoumaNE0
1071273Jason CarrMS0
10827226David Hutson0
1092979Cody MiltonAR0
11030257Adam Richardson0
1115843Jeff SherwoodNM0
1129418Big John ThompsonLA0