SUSQUEHANNA RIVER, Liverpool, Pennsylvania

August 8, 2020 TO

August 9, 2020


Event Details


Ferryboat Campground Overflow parking lot. 32 Ferry Ln, Liverpool, PA 17045


From: August 8, 2020
To: August 9, 2020

Event Info

Susquehanna River.  Liverpool PA

This stop of the Hobie Bass Open Series takes us toward the Mid-Atlantic region to one of the most famous smallmouth rivers in the country.  This section of river is known for volume and size of bass matched with tremendous and iconic views.  Over our 2 day event, Anglers will be able to spread out over 40 miles of shallow, running waters on the ledges and shoals that are home to big and aggressive smallmouth bass.  Make sure to bring your river walking shoes and some Topwater baits, this will be an epic summer smallmouth event.  This event will qualify our top 3 non- qualified anglers for this November’s Tournament of Champions in Knoxville and distribute Angler of the Year points through the field.

Check the Hobie BOS Handbook for more series details and rules for this event.

Please sign these documents before 12:00 pm Friday August 7th.

Hobie BOS Photo Release and Liability (All competitors must sign)
Hobie BOS COVID Release for Adults (Choose if you are 18 yrs or older)
Hobie BOS COVID Release for Minors (Choose if you are 17 yrs or younger)

Headquarters: Ferryboat Campground Overflow parking lot. 32 Ferry Ln, Liverpool, PA 17045

–          Please stop by their Camp store for food and beverages and the Ice Cream shop for the good stuff!

–          RV and Primitive camping, as well as Cabins are available.

This event will be contactless.  We will host drive- thru meetings so anglers can get their board checked, their IDS and prize giveaways.  Anglers will not need to get out of their vehicle. Anglers can have someone check their board and pickup IDs if needed.

Boundaries:  The Northern most boundary is the inflatable dam stretching across the river in Sunbury, PA.  The Southern most boundary is the functioning (newer) train bridge just south of the tip of City Island.  All publicly accessible launches therein are approved.  Some campground areas offer launching opportunities for a fee, and those are useable as long as they are open to everyone and not just camping patrons.  Tributaries will be eligible waters to launch from and fish within, from the mouth of the Susquehanna River up the tributary a mile. The Juanita River will have a 2 mile launch and fish boundary.  Anglers must launch, fish and take out within these boundaries.

Wading: For this event Wading is legal.  Anglers can be out of their boats to fish, wade, and capture photos of their fish as long as all other requirements are met.  The anglers kayak MUST be tethered to them at all times they are out of the boat to be legal.  Angler must wear their life vest at all times.

This event is metal Ketch board only. Some will be available for sale on site.

July 18th: No more guide communication.

August 3rd:  Official Practice period begins

August 7th:

–          Prefishing ends at 4pm

–          Drive- Thru Check-in/ board check/ ID Distribution runs from 4:30- 630 at Headquarters

–          Pre- Tournament meeting live on Facebook begins at 7pm.

August 8th

–          First Launch will be at 5:45

–          First Cast will be at 6:15

–          Fishing ends at 3pm

–          Submission deadline is 4pm

–          Drive Thru ID Distribution/ Prize distribution runs from 5- 6pm at Headquarters

–          Day 1 recap meeting Live on Facebook begins at 630.

August 9th

–          First Launch will be at 5:45

–          First Cast will be at 6:15

–          Fishing ends at 3pm

–          Submission Deadline is 4pm

–          Awards Ceremony for top 10% of field will begin at 5pm at Headquarters